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Angelic Learning Center
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Our mission is to provide quality childcare in a nurturing preschool
environment and to ensure the safety of each child while teaching
them to master their motor and problem solving skills. The child
can expect encouragement, respect and trust in their preschool
atmosphere. Consistent, planned routines and a preschool
curriculum are the means by which we will meet our goal.

Three crucial things to take note of during a visit to any
preschool facility:

Our enrichment program lets the child focus on playing, which is
the primary medium for learning in early childhood. With this
method, the process is more important than the outcome (let the
child do it themselves). Last but not least, a child's best tools are
their need to know and their own desire for mastery. Daily group
activities help the children to develop a likeness for repetition. Math
manipulatives help with number recognition, sequencing,
matching and number reinforcements. Arts and crafts help with the
exploration of their fine motor skills and creativity. We use
sing-along songs to allow the child to express themselves
musically and enhance their self-esteem and knowledge. Your
child will benefit from both the structured and non-structured