Give your child a Head Start

Our program is designed to have as much provider child contact as possible. Children grow very rapidly, especially through their infant and toddler years. We encourage relationship building to foster positive interaction and trust. Our environment is colorful, inviting and well-lit. Children have access to many materials that are age appropriate.

Baby Einsteins

Baby Einsteins

Infants 6 weeks - 12 months $300.00 weekly


Every infant achieve various developmental milestones earlier or later than the average but still within the normal range. Infants usually crawl before they walk and babble before they talk. Each Infant does things at their own pace.


Early Learners
Little Explorers

Early Learners

12 months - 24 months $275.00 weekly


By encouraging exploration and hands-on learning activities, Early Learners gain independence while promoting self confidence. We utilize various structured and non- structured activity time to assist in the development of routine schedules.

Little Explorers

TWO's - THREE's worry free potty training available $220.00 weekly


Promoting independence through challenging activities is emphasized during this Little Explorers stage. Interactive and intentional teaching techniques are used to help nurture and support your child's school readiness. 



FOUR's - FIVE's $220.00 weekly


During this Primary Learning stage we encourage and stimulate language, communication, cognitive, creativity, gross and fine motor skills. Activities that increases each child's personal and social skills are reinforced.

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Ready, Set YOGA and Keep CLAM!

Our Wellness Wednesdays are full of rest, calm, and renewal for the little people.